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Photography Coaching: Guidance Training & Education

Learn or Improve Your Photography

Ever wanted training or education directly by professional and industry working photographers?

Over the years we've heard from many new and budding photographers wanting to work with us or wanting to learn the ins and outs of photography in various areas. Whether it be specifically planning shoots, setting up shoots with lighting or post-production work. These are very common questions asked but all areas that are cohesively important in developing great images.

If you are a total beginner that wants to add something new to your skillset or you just want to add that special ingredient to get confident in creating images with impact and emotion. Then working with an experienced photographer is a key factor in allowing your skills to expand, resulting in images that will fit your purpose and become a more rewarding experience.

Meet the Photographers

Dien Tran


A product and conceptual photographer Dien’s desire is to create impactful images, by using a strong combination of composition, colour and post technical skills. He enjoys creating images that vary from products to people, using creative thinking to help deliver images that inspire in a variety of spaces.

Eric Yip


An active lifestyle photographer based in Sydney, Eric creates images that capture the dynamic and intimate moments people have when they are in their ‘zone’. Using composition and colour as his main tools for his photographs, he makes images for editorials, brands and agencies in the lifestyle, portraiture and fitness space.

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Areas of Focus

Camera Basics


Post Work




Customised Learning

Not every photographer is the same and neither are their skillsets. We wanted to give any keen learner a more direct approach and access to us, but also a customised approach in learning. Our program is a catered program that relies on you for the course input, by giving you a more specific learning experience we feel that filling in the gaps and areas that you feel you are missing will definitely help improve you as a photographer. Let us know what you want.

A good proportion of theory to practical work delivers an effective session in groups and/or individual arrangements; each customised to needs and themes, all with the value of two experienced photographers.

Visit our FAQ page for more details or give us a call!