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About Us

Photography by

Dien Tran

With a deep passion I have for creating great imagery & photographs, I am constantly inspired by various styles of photography, art, and media, all of which influence ideas in my work. I have always enjoyed the thought process and planning that it takes to produce beautiful images, alongside the combination of lighting and technical techniques that help create the intended vision.

How We Can Help

Photography Needs

Whether you are after catalogue work, high-end product photography or just some basic images for promotional purposes. We cover all bases of commercial photography and can cater to all your needs. Talk to us today and we will do our best to help you make an impact with your images.


We strive to create lasting and impactful images, and to do this, we require creative thinking and planning to achieve our desired results. It's a vital step in making a photo come alive and can often be overlooked, this can result in a lot of guesswork during a shoot or poor images. Creativity can be a difficult thing, and sometimes collaborating with great people helps!


An important part of the image process, and an area when used effectively can turn a raw image into something spectacular or used subtly can provide you with the needed gentle finishing touch to complete a photo. In our experienced hands, it will be amazing.

Experience & Skill

With over 14 years experience with photography and more than 20 years with digital post-production work. During this time we have been able to build a solid foundation of experience and expertise upon in which we are confident in developing some of the most imaginative images that you can think of. Working in a very small tight-knit crew, we aim to achieve and deliver high-quality content that is expected of our clients based on years of experience and knowledge.