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Find Out More Information About The Studio Now | FAQs

Do You Have More Questions About Our Studio?

Are you curious about our studio and what we can offer you? You’re not alone. Many of our clients have asked us similar questions before they decided to use our space. We’ve compiled a list of the most common queries and answers for you below. But if you still have doubts or need more information, we’re always happy to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly!!

Can I hire the space for only 2 hours?

Yes! There is a minimum of 2 hours for studio hire. The fee is $290 inc. GST for the 2 hours.

Rates are $145 inc. GST per hour.

For more info on our prices please visit our studio hire page here.

Are studio rentals available after hours?

Yes after hours are available, from 6pm til 10pm, the cost for after hours is $140 inc. GST per hour. Other times available too on special request. Our normal rental rates can be found at the studio hire section.

Bump In and Bump Out

Your booked session time includes bump-in and out times, so sessions must finish and be packed within the allotted time. If your production requires more time due to unforeseen delays, or if you wish to start earlier, we do provide the convenience of extra-hours added to the booked time slot, this can be done before or after the booked time. The cost for this is $77 including GST per hour ontop of the regular rental period.

What if I go overtime with my rental?

We do allow overtime if your production needs to be extended. This is available if there is no other rental after your allocated time.

The cost for this is $77 including GST per hour ontop of the regular rental period.

Is the studio available for hire on the weekends?

Yes, our studio is available on weekends for hire. Weekend rates do differ from weekdays. You can find more information on pricing here.

Is loud music OK?

Music is totally fine at reasonable levels, as we do have neighbours and other businesses next to us that may not appreciate the excessive noise. If it's played at a respectful level then everyone should be happy!

What gear is available with the studio hire?

With our rentals, we have the following available free for photographers to get you started:

  • 2x Bowens Gemini 500 strobes
  • Flash triggers
  • 2x Softbox
  • 1x Beauty Dish
  • 2x C-stands
  • 1x Viewing monitor & table
  • Sandbags
  • Plinths
  • Backdrop roll paper stand

We have other limited equipment available as well for videographers. Please visit our equipment hire page here. Contact us for more info on our inventory.

Are smoke machines or liquids allowed?

Yes, but prior to notifying us first as the studio has very sensitive fire alarms, as we need to make sure it does not set off during your production. The Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) false alarm charges are high and will be forwarded to the renter. Liquids are ok provided there is sufficient cleanup at the end of the rental and no damage to the floors.

Do you have green screens?

Unfortunately we don't have a dedicated green screen space. But you are able to bring your own green paper rolls or material for setup. We would be happy to provide you with our free backdrop stand.

Is the studio soundproof?

Unfortunately due to the location of our shared complex, the studio is not soundproof. But there are times out of business hours that the space is very quiet. Please enquire with us for more info.

When can I organise a studio tour?

A studio tour is available by appointment only, as the studio space can be busy or booked for other rentals. Please contact us today to organise a time with us here.

Is the studio pet friendly?

We allow pets for shoots, as long as they are supervised and under control, furthermore, owners must bring their own cleaning tools for their pets. Please let us know ahead of time.

Is there onsite parking available?

Yes, we have 6 spots reserved for Smack Studios. 1 at the front and 5 at the rear of the studio space.

Are there buses and trains available?

Yes, we have the Hills Showground Metro station near our studio, which is a 16 min walk and 2 min by car. There are also bus routes that run along Victoria Ave.